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Who We Are

Aera is a technology-centric company that redefines skincare by blending innovation and beauty, where cutting-edge solutions converge with the timeless pursuit of radiant skin. We seek to harness the power of artificial intelligence and data science to elevate the skincare experience. By fusing the artistry of skincare with forward-thinking technology, Aera crafts a distinctive path in the beauty industry, offering a harmonious synergy of science and self-care. We welcome you to traverse tomorrow’s possibilities with us. On a day-to-day basis, we’re occupied with superseding our best work, finding new challenges to take on, and turning convention on its head.

About You

Who You Are

We’re seeking an Event Promoter / Live Streamer who is passionate about skincare and KPop culture, and who has the same drive, desire, and enthusiasm to contribute to the growth of our brand. This role is open to anyone who can be situated in Singapore throughout the duration of our pop-up store (ad-hoc).

You’ll be:

  • Helping with the setting up and managing of our pop-up store/booth located in Singapore.
  • Attending to walk-in customers and introducing them to Aera’s products in a compelling manner.
  • Maintaining the upkeep of the pop-up store.
  • Providing post-event feedback to the management to aid the running of such events in the future.

You’ll need to:

  • Have a pleasant disposition and the ability to connect with potential customers.
  • Be a fast learner in terms of skin care product knowledge.
  • Be able to close customers while maintaining Aera’s positive brand image.
  • Speak fluent English.

You’ll be perfect if you also:

  • Can do live streaming during the event to reach a wider audience.
  • Have good salesmanship skills.
  • Can provide ideas or tactics on how Aera can run pop-up events better.

You’ll enjoy:

  • A base hourly pay of between SGD10 and SGD15.
  • 10% commission on total sales volume.
  • Bonus for meeting sales targets.

Please reach out to us at work[at]a-era.co with your portfolio/CV with photos included, and tell us about yourself!

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